Are You Under Investigation For Suspected White Collar Criminal Activity?

When most people think of crime, they rarely picture an ordinary looking employee working in a cubicle. But white collar crime can lurk there. These crimes do not involve violence; they involve reams of documents. They also may net more revenue than your average shoplifter can dream of. In their understandable zeal to catch people who commit these crimes, state and federal government cast a wide net. If you or a loved one is under investigation, contact Harris & Gasser, LLC. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to protect your rights.

State And Federal Experience

As former federal and state prosecutors, Mr. Harris and Mr. Gasser are uniquely qualified to represent clients in both state and federal court.

If You Suspect That You May Have Done Something Illegal...

Harris & Gasser, LLC can help. With a thorough consultation, they can determine whether you complied with the law. Even if you have, we will still protect your interests and rights during any subsequent investigation.

If You Are Under Investigation...

Contact a lawyer right away. Even though you may be innocent, you still may be charged. Harris & Gasser, LLC can minimize your criminal exposure. They can also help preserve your options in the event that you are charged.

Contact a state and federal criminal defense attorney for an initial consultation. Call 803-779-7080 or complete an online contact form.