Building A Strong Defense Against Criminal Charges

Building A Strong Defense Against Criminal Charges

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Building A Defense Against Computer-Related Crimes

We rely on computers for a variety of business and personal needs. For nearly as long as they have been around, personal computers have also been used to break the law. For this reason, the government scrutinizes computer users for evidence of wrongdoing. At the Law Firm of Harris & Gasser, LLC, attorneys Gregory Harris and Johnny Gasser have helped many defendants who have been accused of computer crimes. If you, a client, or a family member has been accused of a crime involving a computer, contact Harris & Gasser, LLC to consult with experienced computer crime defense attorneys.

Computer Crime Cases

Most computer violations occur in fairly innocuous places. After all, almost no one looks at a person working at a PC and assumes anything out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, when the guilty party is discovered, people in close proximity find themselves under investigation. Maybe they worked in the next cubicle. Maybe they found out that a spouse was conducting these activities from home without their knowledge. Or perhaps everyone used that particular workstation for a specific purpose. However it happened, Mr. Harris & Mr. Gasser’s main objective is defending you aggressively, starting with trying to keep you from being charged at all.

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Even if you have already been charged, let us help. If you have not yet been charged, the sooner Harris & Gasser, LLC and their team become involved, the stronger your defense will be. Contact a state and federal criminal defense attorney for an initial consultation. Call 803-779-7080 or complete an online contact form.