Building A Strong Defense Against Criminal Charges

Building A Strong Defense Against Criminal Charges

Defending Clients Against Tax Evasion Charges

Tax law can be very complicated. With all the different shelters, deductions, and exceptions, it is all too easy to make a mistake. At the Law Firm of Harris & Gasser, LLC, attorneys Gregory Harris and Johnny Gasser stand up for people who get caught up in government investigations. If you, your client, or a member of your family faces tax charges, contact Harris & Gasser, LLC for an initial consultation with experienced & knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers.

Tax Avoidance Cases

Mr. Harris & Mr. Gasser handle tax avoidance defense cases that involve:

  • Money laundering
  • Failure to file taxes
  • RICO
  • Sales tax evasion
  • Payroll fraud
  • Tax errors

Tax Errors

Sometimes, tax errors that were made in good faith can have criminal consequences. There are many “tax seminars” out there claiming to show clients legitimate tax shelters and deductions. Unfortunately, many of these shelters turn out to be illegal. A good rule of thumb — if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The only way to find out for sure is to consult a tax lawyer.

Legal Services

For many years, Mr. Harris and Mr. Gasser have provided tenacious and effective counsel to defendants in tax avoidance cases. During the investigation, they build a case and create a strategy for your defense. Through their advocacy, they can sometimes prevent their clients from being charged at all.

Contact The Columbia Law Firm Of Harris & Gasser, LLC

As with all white collar crimes, it is best to contact a lawyer as early as possible. If you have been contacted by the IRS or are under investigation, call our office right away at 803-779-7080 or complete an online contact form.