Building A Strong Defense Against Criminal Charges

Building A Strong Defense Against Criminal Charges

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Providing A Strong Defense Against Federal Drug Charges

Federal drug crime laws are harsh. A conviction can land a person in prison for years. For many years, the Law Firm of Harris & Gasser, LLC has tenaciously defended those who face drug crime charges. As former state and federal prosecutors, they have the experience and knowledge necessary to fight effectively for the best result. If you or a member of your family have been accused of a drug crime, or are under state or federal investigation, contact Harris & Gasser, LLC for an initial consultation.

Defending Against Trafficking And Distribution Charges

Gregory Harris & Johnny Gasser have handled federal and state drug cases that involved:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Illegal prescription drugs

Harris & Gasser, LLC do not handle cases that involve simple possession or intent to distribute. They defend clients in drug cases that involve drug trafficking and drug manufacture. Many of their cases include conspiracy charges as well. A drug cartel is run like a business, so there are often others involved.

Knowledge And Experience

Mr. Harris & Mr. Gasser are former state and federal prosecutors. During their time with the government, they prosecuted many drug cases. They know how the other side handles complex trafficking and manufacturing cases. They are also aware of some of the case management issues that arise. For example, drug cases are always prosecuted after a search. If anything about that search —the warrant, the wiretaps, the enforcement techniques —was illegal, the court will almost always not allow the evidence from that search.

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